Melissa Reams

Melissa Reams


Melissa Reams


Thirteen years ago Melissa reached her highest weight of 238 lbs. The doctor told her she had to lose weight, but she no idea how. She went through a series of crash diets until she decided there had to be a better way and began educating herself. She fell in love with fitness and nutrition so much so that she made a career out of it. That’s why she is here several years later teaching and coaching. Melissa is passionate about helping women who need guidance in managing a healthy family.

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Melissa specializes in:

  • Fat Loss
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Clients who have tried and struggled with dieting
  • Peri/post menopausal women

A few words from clients:

“My husband and I have been working with Melissa since November of 2014 and absolutely love everything about her and her style. We came to her form a very over-trained and underfed place in our fitness journeys. Melissa helped us reset our metabolism, get us back on track with eating enough, wrote us effective workouts that didn’t consume all our extra time and most importantly she helped us find a fit-life balance again. After months of being plateaued, frustrated and exhausted before we met her, Melissa took the time to get to know us, ask about our goals and made sure to teach us some of the science behind fitness and nutrition. She formulated a plan specific to us, our lifestyle and our needs and we started seeing results immediately. She is a wonderful trainer who I am constantly referring my friends to because I trust her and know she always has a person’s best interest at heart. It’s simple, you tell her your goals and she says, “Great, let’s get you there!” and you’re off and running. I highly recommend Melissa Reams to anyone with nutrition and/or fitness goals.”

~ Lisa May

“I started training with Melissa in October of 2014 for a figure competition. After working out at the gym for 3/4 years I needed a new goal to work towards. Workouts were always easy to follow, while feeling results the entire time and the food has been delicious and healthy. I always thought I ate pretty healthy, until I started working with Melissa.

She really showed me how important it was to eat frequently and how the right food can really change a body.

Besides losing inches and gaining in all the right places I’ve noticed I haven’t been sick. It’s great! She makes it all easy, or as easy as it can get with getting ready for a figure competition.”

~ Samantha Boka

“I have been seeing Melissa Reams for 5 weeks for nutritional and exercise guidance.

In these last 5 weeks, I have felt better than I have in a very long time. My energy levels are up, my clothes are getting more loose and even my skin looks better.

I am used to hitting cardio machines at the gym or just going for a run for my workouts, but Melissa has me lifting more weights which I now love. I don’t believe I have ever been this strong and it’s an awesome feeling. Melissa gives me encouragement in our meetings and throughout the week which is extremely helpful and at times needed. I have never stuck with a certain food diet this long before without slipping up and binge eating. I also had my body fat percentage taken and from there was able to pinpoint my problem areas. In the past 2 weeks, I can tell that my waist has gotten smaller and so have my thighs. She formulated a diet just for me and it is really paying off. This has given me the confidence I needed to tackle obstacles in my life and makes me feel like a stronger woman in general.”

~ Ashley Gunnels

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