Share your successes, be part of a community

Social support is shown to be an essential ingredient for success and the women of our small group classes get it in enviable amounts. In all of our classes you will have the opportunity to get in shape while building close supportive bonds with your classmates.

Learn the fundamentals of strength training and nutrition. The beginner level Kickstart class is perfect for women who are just starting out there fitness journey. Classes are 30 minutes long and meet 2 times a week.

Fit Females-
Become a part of a dedicated community of women. The Fit Females class features advanced strength training along with  individualized nutrition. The hour long classes are offered two, three or four times a week.

Fit Over Fifty
Join a class designed uniquely for women over the age of 50. Fit Over 50 is appropriate for all fitness levels and will allow you to regain your confidence. Classes are 45 minutes long and meet 2 times a week.

Create lasting, positive relationships

Our small group class members enjoy a special bond, both in and out of the gym. Many class members get together on their own time to cook meals and help each other stick to their nutrition plans.

With the help of peer support, sticking to your fitness and nutrition plan will be easier than ever. When a group of women care about each other and their results, it’s easy to see how they’re results are so spectacular.

Find your happy through nutrition or classes.

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